Consequences is a modern-day serialized crime drama that follows the lives of culturally diverse con artists; but unlike other similarly themed shows, this one is anchored by adult Yahoo Boys (think “Nigerian Prince” type email scams). Most people have either heard about or received solicitations from scammers like the Yahoo Boys, so as characters they are familiar and intriguing, but never fully explored on TV, movies or a web series. 


The series offers a unique and original take on the con genre, hence giving us intriguing characters in environments quite different from what we are used to seeing. Our goal is to create diverse, smart and thought-provoking entertainment while hopefully shedding some light on ways you can protect yourself from the various shady characters out there.

Creator and writer Tony Tambi, is a Nigerian-born, Cameroon-raised, U.S based actor and filmmaker. After spending the first seven years of his life in Nigeria and the next fourteen in Cameroon, he moved to Minnesota in 1999 to further his education. Four years later, he arrived in Los Angeles with the goal of pursuing an acting career. His first TV credit was a co-starring role on The Unit, followed by other appearances on Scrubs, NCIS Los Angeles and a recurring role on Nip Tuck.
After various starring and supporting roles in numerous films, he co-wrote, directed, produced and starred in the short film CHAPTER ONE. Which was awarded an Award of Merit from Best Shorts Competition and went on to play at various festivals nationwide, culminating in multiple airings on PBS-KCVR, as part of its Shorts Showcase Festival.
In Consequences Tambi plays Tito, the level-headed chief of a meticulously organized Internet scam operation built to swindle unsuspecting people through shameless emotional manipulation.


creator and writer



Photo by Peter J. Horvath
bambadjan bamba
Bambadjan Bamba is an actor, writer, and director known for his work on Black Panther, Suicide Squad, and the Good Place. Not only did he direct and produce several episodes of Consequences, he also plays the role of Sebastien, a lawyer by day and Robin Hood by night.
constance ejuma
Constance Ejuma is an actress known for her work in Ben & Ara, Scorpion, and Criminal Minds. Not only is she a producer on Consequences, she also plays the role of Isabelle, a reformed con artist now focused on raising a family.
eboni adams
Eboni Adams is an actress, director and producer known for her work on "Gangster Squad" and "Montecito Heights." Not only is she a producer on Consequences, she will also be playing the role of Imanathi, a reformed con artist who joins the team one more time for a good cause. 
john tague
John Tague is known for his work on Blacklist, CSI: Cyber and General Hospital. He'll be playing the role of Jack, a one-time hacker turned family man. 
tony okungbowa
You've probably seen on Tony Okungbowa on the Ellen DeGeneres show but he's also an accomplished actor; having appeared in films like Echo Park (film)Mother of George and TV shows like Ballers and Ray Donovan. He plays the role of Shabazz on Consequences.
jarvis george
Actor Jarvis George is know for his work on "Gamer," Criminal MindsNCIS. He will be playing Damien Miller, an ex footballer with a - shall we say - keen eye for business.
samantha stewart
 Samantha Stewart plays Kathy Miller, a wealthy and ambitious woman who has something up her sleeve. Samantha has appeared in numerous films, soap operas, commercials, and print ads. 
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